Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press

Mission Statement

Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press is dedicated to raising awareness about coercive control and gender-based violence. Our mission is to provide a platform that amplifies voices of those affected by these issues, encouraging understanding and action through compelling and authentic storytelling. We aim to create a community where writers and readers can engage in meaningful dialogue that promotes change and supports victims.

Editorial Statement

Vision: We believe in the power of literature to educate and advocate for victims of coercive control and gender-based violence. Our goal is to use storytelling to illuminate these issues and foster social change. 

Commitment to Diversity and Advocacy: Our publication focuses on giving a voice to those marginalized by gender-based violence, including women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ individuals. We prioritize stories that provide insight into the experiences of these groups, aiming to break the silence that often surrounds our suffering.

Editorial Focus: We specialize in creative nonfiction that explores personal and systemic aspects of coercive control and gender-based violence. We look for submissions that are insightful and informative, challenging societal norms and encouraging discussions that can lead to change.

Collaborative Process: We recognize the sensitivity required in handling stories about coercive control and gender-based violence. Our editorial process is supportive and respectful, helping contributors express their truths while protecting their privacy and dignity. 

Quality and Integrity: Quality writing and ethical publishing are crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive topics. We ensure that all pieces meet high standards of sensitivity and accuracy, providing a respectful and impactful reading experience.

Engagement and Outreach: Through readings, workshops, and discussions, we engage with our readers and the wider community. These activities are designed to spread knowledge, foster empathy, and encourage collective action against coercive control and gender-
based violence.

Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press strives to make a meaningful impact by publishing stories that not only reflect the realities of victims but also guide society towards understanding and action. Through our work, we contribute to the ongoing fight against abuse and inequality.

Submission Policy for Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press. As a platform dedicated exclusively to creative nonfiction, we are eager to explore true stories that are well-crafted and compelling. Please carefully review our guidelines below to ensure your work aligns with our requirements


Who Can Submit: Open to all writers, from anywhere in the world. Originality: Submissions must be original, unpublished work. No AI work considered. Rights: By submitting, authors agree to grant Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press first publication rights. Rights revert to the author after 90 days of publication

Submission Guidelines

Content: We are looking for autobiographical feminist AF creative nonfiction that breaks boundaries and opens doors. This includes personal essays and other nonfiction prose. Word Count: Submissions vary. Please look at particular call. 


– Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.1 inch margins.

– Include a cover page with your name, contact information, word count, and title of the work.

– Ensure that pages are numbered

How to Submit

Submission Platform: All work must be submitted through our online submission form. We do not accept submissions via email or postal mail.

Submission Periods: We accept submissions year-round. Please check our website for specific dates.

Simultaneous Submissions: These are permitted, but please inform us immediately if your work is accepted else where.

Multiple Submissions: Please submit only one piece at a time. Wait for a response before submitting another.

Review Process

Response Time: We strive to respond to submissions within 120 days. We appreciate your patience, as our review process is thorough. Publication: Selected works will be featured in the upcoming issue of Dr. Tamara MC Mag &Press.

Additional Information

Fees: There is no submission fee. We believe inequitable access to publication opportunities. Compensation: There is currently no compensation.

We are honored by your consideration of Dr. Tamara MC Mag & Press as a venue for your creative nonfiction. Our aim is to share stories that resonate and inspire, and we look forward to the possibility of featuring your work. Please follow the guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth submission process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message using the form below. 
What do others have to say about Dr. Tamara MC?
What do others have to say about Dr. Tamara MC?