Flipping off the patriarchy one pink fingernail at a time.

A community for magnificent matriarchs.

Flipping off the patriarchy one pink fingernail at a time. We sprinkle matriarchal magnificence wherever we go fly. Join the movement to free the world from gender-based violence and coercive control.

Matriarch + ist = Matriarchist.

Welcome, Magnificent Matriarchist!

Yay! So glad you found this little spot on the Internet dedicated to uplifting and empowering matriarchists, like you!

Matriarchist (Noun): A person who believes in the right of every human to:

I made up this word so no need to try to look it up in the dictionary.

  1. Live joyful and free,

  2. Have the freedom to use their voice and tell their own stories and/or the stories of their communities, and

  3. Have their basic human rights exceeded x 100.

Matriarchy VS Patriarchy (A very important difference!)

Matriarchy is not the opposite of patriarchy. In patriarchy, men rule over women. In matriarchy, the society is egalitarian.

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  • Maximalism, the color pink, multidisciplinary art,

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  • Reality TV convos (I can talk about 90 Day Fiancé all day, e’ryday)

  • Podcast reviews and recs,

  • Updates about my memoir, CHILD BRIDE: ESCAPING AN AMERICAN SUFI CULT and tips for authors trying to sell their books

  • And the whole piñata…

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  • The opportunity to support:

    • Independent activism/art.

    • Neurodivergence and disability.

    • Wonderful wackiness.

    • Peace and joy.

  • Unicorn air kisses.

  • Gratitude up the wazoo.

When do I post?

Whenever I feel like it— like a unicorn, I’m a free spirit. I post when I’m inspired, which means sometimes you may get a lot of posts and other times, not so much. It also depends on my schedule. I’m a busy little unicorn revising my memoir, CHILD BRIDE: ESCAPING AN AMERICAN SUFI CULT.

I love spontaneity and dislike rigid schedules.

My posts are surprise gifts sent via unicorn mail.

What will you get in a post?

This is another surprise. I have hyper-obsessions, so sometimes you may receive endless posts about the newest culty docuseries, while other times I may drop the latest podcast I’m creating, and other times, I may post about the Southwestern desert in all of it’s lizardy, javelina glory.

This is not a what to expect when you’re expecting space. It’s a what not to expect when you’re not expecting space.

Unicorns have too many interests to stick to only one.

What does this non-schedule/commitment mean?

It means you won’t get bored. And I won’t get bored!

What is matriarchy?

  1. A social unit governed by a woman or group of women.

  2. Woman as dominant figure or grande dame.

  3. A woman who rules a family, group, or state.

  4. A mother who is the head of her family and descendants.

  5. A social system in which women hold the primary power positions in rules of authority.

  6. A female line.

  7. Governed or rules by a women for women.

Are you a Matriarchist?

  1. Do you believe no one should be forced into hierarchy?

  2. Do you believe in a non-coercive society?

  3. Do you oppose the suppression of one’s autonomy?

  4. Do who believe in a non-patriarchal social system?

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Dr. Tamara MC, a matriarchist through and through. I believe in the right for all humans to live free from gender-based violence and coercive control, and that’s why I created this space. I’m a multidisciplinary artist, a hybrid human bridging my Muslim and Jewish identities, and an Other-Extraordinaire, who advocates for my multi-hyphenated friends to live free.

I have a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, where I research how language is manipulated to exploit vulnerable human beings. As a Middle Eastern scholar, I specialize in Jewish/Muslim relations, Israel/Palestine, and women’s rights.

I’m a child/forced marriage, cult, human trafficking, and polygamy lived experience expert. I also have 11 debilitating disabilities, including Autism, ADHD, OCD, and Complex PTSD. So, this space is for my survivor friends.

I’ve traveled to 77 countries and am a polyglot, having studied 7+ languages. For fun, I cycle, play pickleball, and run. I’m a mother, granddaughter, and doggie mom. I’m a lifelong vegetarian and a lover of autobiographical writing.

Oh, did I mention I LOVE unicorns???

The Unicorn is the only leader I accept.

May the Unicorn be with you, today and always.

No hate speech is allowed in this space.

Want to hire me? Great!

Hire me to speak, consult, train, ignite, and excite!

Who are you?

I love learning about magnificent matriarchs, so please send me a message to introduce yourself.

Want to be featured on Matriarchist?

Super! Do you have an essay to share? Want to fill out a questionnaire? Be interviewed? Be in touch so we can discuss. I love featuring matriarchists.

Dr. Tamara MC's a Contributor to Over 60 Outlets

What do others have to say about Dr. Tamara MC?
What do others have to say about Dr. Tamara MC?

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How do you pronounce my name?

My name is pronounced:

“Tamara” like the sun will come out tomorrow.

“MC” like emcee, not McDonalds. 

My students often call me Doc MC, and you can too.

What is a Unicorn Activist?

Someone who believes in the magical strength of all girls, women, and female-identifying humans to live free in matriarchal magnificence.


And yes, I did make up this title. 

What's with all the pink? And Unicorns?

Pink is power. Unicorns represents our eternal search for magic. 

You deal with such a heavy topics but your website is so joyful. Why?

Joy is transgressive. Being joyful is activism.

“Joy and pain

Like sunshine and rain”

(From the lyrics of Rob Base.)

You mention girls and women. Are others welcome?



This is an inclusive space, and anyone who supports our mission is welcome.

What's up with the Barbie theme?

I’ve loved Barbie since I was a little girl. She was able to do all the things I dreamed of before I was physically able. 


Barbie was my girl way before the movie premiered.

What do cults and unicorns have in common?

Absolutely nothing. That’s exactly why unicorns are the symbol of my brand and my website. Unicorns stand for freedom. 

Is Dr. Tamara MC a coach, counselor, psychologist?

No! She has no training or certificates in these areas, just a lifetime of experience. 

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