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My sons in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for their Aqiqah, an Islamic tradition. It is usually done when a child is seven days old, but it can be done until puberty.

Symbols of Hope

Every 30 or so years, Ramadan and Passover coincide. My mother is Jewish; my father is Muslim. I was conflicted about my seemingly disparate religions, but now, at 50, I fully accept myself. Inshallah, I will be in my 80s when the holidays re-synchronize. This year, I celebrate with a date and a savory samosa. I dip crunchy matzo into sweet haroseth. My two sons, mid-20s, are Bangladeshi Muslims and Ashkenazi Jews. Only recently in their lives have their holidays converged. May we three be symbols of hope, of Muslim-Jewish solidarity. I wish for all humans to live in peace. — Tamara MC

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