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I told you I would name a poem
After you
As we did laps around the Safeway
Shopping plaza
Passing the Dollar Store
Passing KonaBerry Frozen Yogurt,
The Irish Pub
You made references
About the poems I could write
About us on this night
Walgreens was closed
Safeway was open
You knew Ethan—
The Captain Crunch stocker
It was Sunday night
After 10 pm and we were the only
In the aisle, I asked you to stop
In front of the water bottles
I swallowed them—
4 Liqui-Gels
I had a haddock (I promised you I would use this word in my poem)
I knew you didn’t like
Walking around Safeway
Shopping plazas
You told me about the
Blockbuster that used to exist
About the Pizza Hut
That was once there
You said you thought taco shops
Could be built everywhere
You wore house slippers
A fuzzy off-white hoodie
It was all about your hair
The absolute crazy liberation
I curled them around my finger
I took the fallen strands
And collected them in my
Tamara MC

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