IMG_1613Tamara MC uses herself to write the world.  She writes through herself in order to discover herself, and in doing so, she begins to understand the world around her.  Tamara MC strongly believes that she must first become an expert in herself before she can be an expert in anything else, therefore this search for self, is unyielding.  She travels the world, asking questions, being curious about spaces, places, and people.  All of these narratives help Tamara discover the limitlessness of the human spirit.  She must first look in the mirror, everyday, look into her eyes, study the curve of her mouth, examine the strands of her hair, so that when she goes into the world, she is an authority on one subject, her subject, she as subject.  The subject becomes her.  The subject also was never her, but something greater, something inexplainable.  For Tamara, searching for self renders into searching for commonness and differences in humans, and more strongly, it renders herself invisible in the light of the grand universe, the grandest highest power.

In Tamara’s academic training, she was taught to never speak about the self in research.  She was taught to obliterate the “I.”  The I is unacademic.  The I is non-researchy.  The I is untrustworthy.  The I needs to be replaced with a third-person– she, he, the study, the research, etc.  TAMARA STRONGLY DISAGREES.  She instead encourages the use of I.  The I is the only trustworthy source.  It is the only truth.  When a researcher covers up the identity of the source, the research becomes invalid and in her opinion, without value.  All research we as researchers do comes from the self.  If it came from our body, it is from us.  When we put it out into the world, it is detriment that we confirm that we are the ones who have chosen these words.  Inanimate objects have not.  By doing this, we allow our audience to understand our position, and how and why we say what we say.  I don’t care how scientific the subject, a positionally statement should be included in every study.  No study is void of a subject.