Dr. Tamara MC

Dr. Tamara MC is an applied linguist who focuses on issues related to language, culture, identity, race, gender, community and class in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.  She is a multimedia writer and artist.  She uses the mediums of creative non-fiction, poetry, epistolary methods, personal documents, photography, video, and hypermedia as a means to bear witness.

Yours truly,

Dr. Tamara MC for The Human Archive Project

What is The Human Archive Project?

THAP's Mission
To tell Dr. Tamara MC’s story one day at a time, one minute at a time.  To be forthcoming, honest, and sincere.  To strive for world peace.[/toggle]

THAP's Philosophy
Every story matters.  THAP is one story of one individual.

THAP's Promise
THAP promises to reveal only what is comfortable for Dr. Tamara MC, nothing less and nothing more.  

THAP's Projects
THAP is filled with a lifetime of projects, covering spans of Dr. Tamara MC’s life.  Each project is unique to a time, place, and medium of interpretation.

Dr. Tamara MC’s Crazy Skills

Artist 100%
Writer 99.9%
Linguist 88%
Health Nut 85%